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Pure Diamonds

Discover details of the exquisite, handpicked Diamonds we use.


What does made-to-order mean?

Made-to-order means that every single piece of Diamond jewelry is hand-crafted once your order has been placed. This means that you will receive a unique piece that’s specifically crafted for you. Plus we individually quality test every single piece

How long does shipping take?

Exclusively crafted as soon as your order comes in, we strive to deliver your unique piece within the following time frames:. Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: 8-10 working days. Sizes 4, 11, 12, 13: 15-20 working daysIn rare cases this delivery time might be

Can I track my order?

Yes, of course!. On the day of shipment you’ll receive an email from us with your shipping confirmation that includes order tracking information and your tracking link. All deliveries are securely shipped with our trusted delivery couriers UPS & FedE

How is my order packaged?

Your order will arrive in a premium Moon Magic Diamond ring box which is encased and protected in a secure Moon Magic shipping box.If you want to keep your purchase discreet, we are happy to ship to somewhere else, for example your office or a friend

What is IGI?

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is one of the world’s largest independent laboratories for testing and grading the authenticity of Diamonds. All Moon Magic Diamonds from the Pure Diamonds (US only) collection are backed by the IGI standardi

How does Moon Magic ensure its suppliers are using ethical sourcing?

Our suppliers for our made-to-order jewelry are certified by the RJC. The Responsible Jewelry Council ensures the highest standards in sustainability and ethical sourcing for the entire supply chain of Diamond jewelry. Their systems have been indepen

What does SI2 and VS2 stand for?

Here’s where the real sparkle happens. Both SI2 and VS2 are abbreviations for the level of clarity of the Diamonds. While both clarity levels are exceptionally sparkly, the VS2 level has a higher clarity than the SI2. SI2 Diamonds display high brilli

Can I purchase multiple items to compare them at home?

To maintain the high quality of our pieces and maintain our competitive prices, Moon Magic does not allow multiple pieces to be purchased for comparison. Comparison purchasing is defined as the purchasing of multiple products with the intent of keepi

What is the lifetime warranty?

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. Moon Magic offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all Moon Magic made-to-order jewelry. This warranty does not apply to our collection of sterling silver jewelry

Can I return my diamond?

At Moon Magic, we offer complimentary 45 day returns, so that you can make sure your purchase is just right. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 45 days for an exchange or full refund on us. For e