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What materials do you use to craft your jewelry?Updated a year ago

Our jewelry is made from a range of precious metals, including the following: 925 Sterling Silver, Platin-plated 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Solid Rose Gold, 14k Solid White Gold, 10k Solid Rose Gold, 10k Solid White Gold and 18k Vermeil which is 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18k Rose and Yellow Gold (this coating is 50% thicker than traditional gold-plated pieces, keeping it beautiful for years to come). 

Our watches are made from 316L Stainless Steel which is comfortable to wear and won´t tarnish over time.

We strive to maximize our use of recycled metals as a way of reducing our global footprint. Read more about our sustainability actions and goals under ‘Sustainability’ on this page.

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