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Where do you source them?Updated 2 years ago

We firmly pride ourselves on responsible sourcing of our gemstones and value our close relationships with our suppliers. We give back by donating to Trees For The Future and aim to cause as little disturbance to nature as possible by using only ethical providers.

Here’s where our gems come from:

Moonstone: India

Raw Crystals: India

Labradorite: Madagascar

Opal: Ethiopia

Garnet: Mozambique

Turquoise: Arizona U. S.

Rose Quartz: Brazil

Amethyst: Brazil

Citrine: Brazil

Topaz: Brazil

Peridot: China

Aquamarine: Brazil

Diamonds: Conflict-free sourcing in mining rich countries including South Africa, Australia & Canada

Green Onyx: Brazil

Lapis Lazuli: Afghanistan

Ruby: Thailand

Pink Sapphire: Madagascar

White Sapphire: Madagascar

Organic Pearls: China

Black Onyx: Brazil

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