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Keeping our products and business sustainable is our priority!

Are your gemstones ethically sourced?

From the mine to your door, we strive for transparency and responsible business ethics. Fully handpicking and tracing authentic gemstones is not simple, but we believe it is our responsibility. 3/4 of our suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewe

Do you use recycled metals for your jewelry?

Our mission is to reutilize our planet’s resources as much as we can. So be it Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, or Solid Gold, we are working on maximizing the use of recycled metals for our jewelry.

Do you ship in recyclable packaging?

While we always consciously pick environmentally friendly material for our packaging we are not yet where we want to be.Our big goal is to use 100% compostable cardboard so that our shipping boxes will be 100% recyclable. To reach this goal as swiftl

How do you give back?

We believe anyone privileged enough to afford jewelry has a responsibility to give back. And that’s why for every piece ordered, we donate to the charity "Trees for the future” (TREES). This is our small but sincere contribution to this magical place