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Do you offer a warranty?Updated 3 months ago

Yes, of course.

Enjoy our complimentary 2 year warranty on all jewelry pieces in our entire collection.

Our warranty is applicable for all Moon Magic jewelry, including all authentic gemstones and the following metals: 925 Sterling Silver, 18kt Rose Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil, 14kt Solid Gold and 10kt Solid Gold. Effective from December 1st, 2022.

Please also read our T&Cs for full details on our warranty.

What is covered under the warranty?

Our warranty is valid against any defects in our materials and/or workmanship. Our warranty does not include insurance against physical or accidental wear and/or damage happening outside of our normal returns and exchanges policy.

Our warranty doesn’t cover lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear outside of our normal returns and exchanges policy (like a bent ring or broken chain), improper use or storage of your jewelry, improper care of your jewelry including contact with household chemicals, hygiene products like make-up or perfumes, discoloration of stones caused by water, chemicals, sweating, make-up, cooking, prongs wearing out, stones lost by everyday wear, natural inclusions and imperfections of stones and any modification to your jewelry done by a third party outside of Moon Magic Jewelry. Follow our in-depth care guide to keep your jewelry shining.

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