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See exactly how our pre-orders work, and how they are beneficial to you.

What is a pre-order?

When you pre-order from us, you're purchasing jewelry that is handmade just for you. These are usually new styles that have not been released yet, so you'll be the first to have yours when they're ready. Plus, you won't just look good in your pre-ord

How does a pre-order work?

Our team creates brand new designs to offer in a pre-order collection. During this time, every item is available for purchase. After the pre-order period ends, only the top selling items will join our permanent collection. That means your vote impact

When will my pre-ordered jewelry arrive?

Each pre-order collection has its own delivery timeline. Check out the pre-order collection page to find out when a specific item will ship. This is usually around 5-8 weeks from the collection launch if there are no production delays. Of course, we’

When will I be charged for a pre-ordered item?

We charge your card for the item at time of checkout. But don't worry, as with all other jewelry you'll have the same rights for returns and exchanges in case you're not happy with your jewelry.

Is pre-ordering jewelry sustainable?

While any piece of jewelry will have some impact on the planet, pre-ordering jewelry helps us cut down on waste. By only creating pieces that already have a home, we're making our industry a little bit greener. Also, for every piece of jewelry we sel

What if I buy an item from the pre-order collection together?

In order to cut down on energy used in delivery and packaging waste, we wait until your entire order is ready before shipping. Don't worry, we'll keep your in-stock items safe while you wait, and reserve them specifically for you (even if they sell o